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National Taiwan University of Sport




「Announcing the launch of our new website」


To provide more information, the new website has officially launched in April 2017.  Please visit our new website for the latest information, thank you.


National Taiwan University of Sport is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Taiwan. NTUS has developed numerous world-class athletes in the past 50 years. In recent years, NTUS has extended the research and application of exercise science in improving sport performance, health of all populations, and sport industry. The accomplishment by NTUS has been well-recognized by the students, academic society, and the industries. In a national survey on universities in 2012, NTUS received high ranks in the sport/leisure/tourism category, including:

Number 1 in satisfaction by parents.
Number 2 by university administrators.
Number 5 by industries.
Number 6 by high school graduates.

NTUS continues to develop an international, holistic, and dedicated learning environment. We strive to produce graduates who are well-placed to succeed in the increasingly complex and competitive world.

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